Flying Fairy Toy Review


Welcome to If your little girl is interested in fairies, the Flutterbye Flying Fairy Toy, is a perfect gift for her. The flying fairy toy is one of the newest additions to the Spinmaster line of toys for this holiday season. It is such a cute little product that most girls will easily fall in love with it.


I bet you are thinking this is one of those toys that requires you to use your imagination to fly. But it is not. This flying fairy is a toy that will make your little girl believe in magic. In fact, once you charge this fairy, she will actually fly in the air.

Flying Fairy Toy Review: The Features

This particular fairy is a little over nine inches tall. When you get her, she will be a little smaller than most of the popular Barbie dolls but she is the perfect size for flying.

Flying Fairy Toy Review: Yes She Actually Flies

Perhaps the best feature of this toy is the fact that she actually flies. Now, as a kid I had to pretend that my dolls could fly. Sure they have beautiful clothes and faces, but they lacked the magic to actually fly. I think little girls will be overjoyed to play with a fairy that actually flies. The fact this fairy flies without strings or tricks really makes her magical.

The Flying Fairy Is Controlled With Your Hands

The flying fairy takes off from her base, much like a helicopter. However, once she is in the air she is completely controlled by the hand movement of those on the ground. When she starts to get low, you simply put your hand under her to make her go up again. You can also move her in a direction by moving your hand.

Most kids think the fairy is really magic since she is able to be controlled without any visible remote. They like the idea of having control over a fairy.

She is Beautiful

If you have a little girl you know that one of the most important aspects of any doll is how she looks. This toy does not disappoint. The fairy wears a molded dress that is full of intricate details. Her face is beautiful made and will produce a smile as soon as your little girl gets it. She has an amount of makeup that is appropriate.

You will notice that unlike most dolls, most of her accessories are not removable. They are designed to stay on the fairy so that she has a consistent look. As an adult, I appreciate the fact that most of the design is fixed onto the fairy so that kids will not have to look for her accessories when she flies around the house.

But the best part of the fairy seems to be her wings. In case you haven’t guessed, the wings on the fairy serve as her propeller which means that they are wear the real magic lies. They are made to actually resemble the popular wings we are familiar with seeing on those fairy shows. In fact, I think this fairy might actually give the popular Tinkerbell a run for her money

The Benefits of the Flying Fairy Toy

Due to the release of so many toys on the market, it is easy to miss the sheer amount of benefits that are exhibited in this toy. First, fairies are very popular. Second, they introduce girls to science and math. Third, the fairy is a pretty durable product.

Popular Kids Image

The flying fairy toy captures one of the most popular types of images on the market for kids. Have you seen how many kids movies involve fairies? Have you noticed how many stories feature the magical fairies? Almost every little girl that I know is fascinated by fairies. They love to see them and read about them. They also like to play with them as dolls. By getting this toy, you are able to really spark your little girl’s imagination.

Introduction Into Aerodynamics

I know it seems simple but one of the best things about this toy is it actually causes little girls to think about the way the toy flies. At first children are simply fascinated with the things their toys are able to do. But sooner or later, your little girl will want to figure it out. This is the perfect opportunity to help segue her into science and math.

As a little girl, I started to wonder how they worked. One of the main things I wanted to know was how my toys talked. At that time, my parents could only tell me that it was based on science. However with the amount of information on the internet, you will be able to explain how it works. Plus, if she is really interested, you can find a program that will help her learn how they work. Once she learns about them, she will probably want to build more projects like helicopters.

Durable Product

The manufacturer designed this product to work indoors.  However, they also accounted for the fact that the toy will likely hit objects in your house, like walls and doors.  A lot of little girls are eager to play with their fairies and it is easy to start playing with this toy.

So if the fairy hits a wall and falls down. You can easily put her wings back on, charge her up, and be ready to go in no time. You can rest assure that you don’t have to worry about her breaking while she is flying.

How To Buy The Flying Fairy Toy

TheFlutterbye Flying Fairy has received a lot of publicity due to its’ great commercial. It is likely to sell out before Christmas arrives. So, if you want to get one you can get it at the discounted price on Amazon. Believe me, if you order now, you will be so glad that you did not wait until the Christmas rush and you will save money too.

You can get it at Amazon right now.

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